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Rottenburg am Neckar



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Rottenburg am Neckar is not just a place to work and live, but also to party and celebrate.

Rottenburg has a wide and varied cultural calendar: the traditional Alemannic carnival in the spring and the Neckar festival in

June are followed by the historical Roman Festival the autumnal Golden October fair and the Saint Nikolaus market in December.

Musical performances are of the highest standard and include organ recitals in the Cathedral Church of Saint Martin and in St. Moriz´s church, concerts by the famous Cathedral Choir School and also the international Choir Festival of Sacred Musik. Further cultural locations include the Zehntscheuer Arts Centre, the Sülchgau and Roman Museums as well as the Theatre "Am Torbogen", and the Theatre "Jazzgalerie" invite you for a visit.

You can find the various events in the official calendar of events:
calendar of events Rottenburg am Neckar
(Link to Stadtverwaltung Rottenburg - site in German)
calendar of events Neckar-Erlebnis-Tal - The Neckar Experience Valley (site in German)

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